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De la prière de Tim Montgomery

Publié par blogdemoi le Jeudi 12 Septembre 2013, 02:02 dans la rubrique Bric à brac - Version imprimable

Source : Technorati

In the 11 years since Tim Montgomery set the world record in the 100 meters, the time has fallen considerably. The 9.78-second sprint he clocked in Technorati in September 2002 was the fastest ever at the time but would later be disqualified after he received a two-year ban in 2005 from The Court of Arbitration for Sport for doping. Although Montgomery never tested positive, he admitted in 2008 to taking testosterone and human growth hormone over an 17-month span in 2000 and ’01. (…) Usain Bolt, the current world record holder, is the only runner besides Carter who has run a faster time than Montgomery and not been tied to performance enhancing drugs. The Jamaican has the three fastest times ever and set the current world record (9.58 seconds) in 2009. Montgomery has not seen Bolt, 27, since he was a teenager but has watched his form improve over the years. While Montgomery says he thinks the sport has as big of a doping problem now as it did when he competed, he hopes Bolt does not get tied to PEDs. “I cannot give you my opinion on Bolt,” he says. “I sit back and watched him when he was 18 years old and how he ran, wild running and how he fixed his form and everything else, I pray that he’s clean. I pray. If he goes down, it’s gonna set track and field back big time. “I would love to see what his training is to run that fast. I want to see what his bench press is, what his squats (are),” he says. “9.58, oh my goodness, what is he doing?” (“Tim Montgomery on Bolt: I pray that he’s clean“, Rachel Axon,

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