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Publié par Mouche le Samedi 19 Décembre 2009, 13:57 dans la rubrique Bric à brac - Version imprimable

Source : Technorati

That didn't feel like the community I fell in love with so many years ago. It felt a great deal like the world we were supposed to be changing. In essence, the worst parts of the offline world with it's hierarchies, gatekeepers and power mongers were becoming firmly entrenched in the new Technorati that was supposed to circumvent this behaviour and create a new frontier. I was losing faith. And that is the last thing I want to do. There is so much hope left in the world. I still believe the good guys/gals will finish first.But here at Le Web 09, I feel like I'm staring that ugliness right in the eye. The program is mostly made up of the members and sycophants of the cartel mentioned above. It's only the morning of the first day and a big part of it has been filled with egos and posturing. I was really hoping that Le Web would actually be about The Web' where it's going, where it should go, how do we drive it in positive directions, the diversity...

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