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Writting on line

Publié par Mouche le Lundi 11 Avril 2011, 22:35 dans la rubrique Bric à brac - Version imprimable

Source : Technorati

I'm an adult. I've made a conscious choice to share so much of my life on the Technorati.To share a simple story about an adult friend who wouldn't mind is no big deal. To share a story with no personally identifiable info is generally okay too. But to share a story about someone that could have consequences for them, and to make it personally identifiable and essentially permanent? I don't feel I'm entitled to make that kind of call. To do so would be unfair.If you've been reading my content for a long time, you may think you know a lot about me, and you certainly do, but I hope you can accept that you don't have the complete picture. If your only interaction with me is through the Technorati, then you never will. Your overall impression of me will be unnaturally lopsided because some aspects of my life won't receive any meaningful expression through this medium. That's a consequence of expressing myself in this...

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