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Subject lines are more important than titles

Publié par Mouche le Lundi 2 Novembre 2009, 15:39 dans la rubrique Bric à brac - Version imprimable

Source : Technorati

As much as I reckon that short an up to the point emails are agreable in professional context, I cannot agree to the first tip given in this article. To me, an email without a subject line has no more value than a spam. If the sender does not bother to indicate what the topic is, why shoul I bother reading ? This is pure laziness and lack of caring.I belive there are three problems with emails: Its too easy to forward an email. Because they want to inform you, people are sending every piece of information they got. Who cares about filtering ? Not the sender. Maybe his time is more valuable than yours. Sending without a subject line is permited. Again, its the receiver's duty to interpret the message, and find a clever way to file it should it be needed again. There is a "reply all" button. This function should require at last a five key combination and a warning. Although...

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